"World-Class Performance is a Gold medal achievement, reminding us of the unique, sometimes amazing, and often untapped potential that resides in everyone."

Joseph G. Cutcliffe, PhD & Founder of Cutcliffe Consulting Group

About The Book

The ideas for World-Class Performance started forming after Michael Winston watched the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games and continued until months after the close of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. He was moved by the spectacle of seeing the best in the world give everything they had to win.

He noticed a striking contrast between the quest for excellence in each athlete and the lackluster business practices he had observed lately in many organizations.

Using the Olympics as a metaphorical springboard to remind readers that world-class performance is the only acceptable standard, he tells a story of the presence or absence of leadership and its effect on the success of an organization.

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By Michael G. Winston

Praise For 'World-Class Performance'

  • "Michael Winston cares very much about leaders who care, and how that caring translates into transformational change in an organization. He sheds new and needed light in this arena. This is a big, intelligent work in a small, digestible package. Bravo!"
    ~ David Allen, Best-selling Author of Getting Things Done
  • "A great work by a great man! I am honored to endorse such a very fine piece of work. Michael Winston has given us an original take on the leadership prescription for the ages. A must-read for current and emerging leaders. I look forward to gifting my clients and friends with this book come the New Year."
    ~ James Belasco, Founder of San Diego State University’s Management Development Center
  • "A must-read for everyone in business and government. Michael addresses all of the key elements in building world-class organizations... Michael’s ability to focus on issues so important to all companies and bring his point home is amazing!"
    ~ Mort Topfer, Former Vice-Chairman of the Board of Dell, Inc.
  • "From his deep roots in designing and delivering world-class corporate leadership development programs, Michael Winston has created a masterpiece book that covers both the principles and practices of high performance in the context of any competitive arena—an Olympic achievement worthy of a Gold medal! "
    ~ Ken Shelton, Founding Editor & publisher of Leadership Excellence
  • "Winston captures the spirit of the Olympics and demonstrates how that spirit can lead to lessons learned that may apply in modern organizations. He masterfully transfers insights from Olympic heroes into daily management actions. His examples elegantly reveal how world class performance can occur in both the Olympics and in organizations."
    ~ Dave Ulrich, Ranked Most influential person in HR by HR Magazine
  • "There are no bad businesses; just management teams through lack of vision and leadership that fail to exploit the opportunity that lies before them. Walmart thrived while Sears failed. The difference was leadership. Michael uses the background of the Olympics to tease out what differentiates the best from the rest. It’s not just a book; it’s a potentially life changing experience."
    ~ John E. Major, Former Chief Executive Officer, Qualcomm, Inc.
  • "Michael Winston eloquently parallels sports excellence with the essentials of Heroic Corporate Leadership that always win the race for enduring, transformational change across all businesses and institutions. He reveals the strategies of change that integrate courage, confidence, and commitment into practical tactics for operationalizing a leader’s highest personal values. This is a fine book filled with focused inspiration. Read it. Learn from it. Use it in your race to the top."
    ~ Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
  • "With the heart of a storyteller, the mind of a superb organization strategist and the insight of a master practitioner, Michael has written a powerful and compelling book on leadership. With his passion and perspective, Michael proves to be the quintessential storyteller on leadership and corporate best-practices. This book is a must-read."
    ~ Beverly Kaye, Founder of Career Systems International, Inc.
  • "I have had the distinct opportunity of working with Michael Winston for many years and have found his integrity and observational skill to be equal to his high intellect and wisdom. Michael’s book warrants an Olympic Gold Medal. "
    ~ Richard Wintermantel, JD Consultant & Leadership Team Facilitator
  • "The best leaders of today exemplify the qualities of our present day Olympians. They each represent our hopes and dreams. They inspire us to new heights, to execute faster and be strong in our resolve. Michael Winston connects the traits necessary for Olympic caliber leaders to climb their own Gold medal podium."
    ~ Vince Poscente, Olympic Skier
  • "Over the years, I have personally experienced Michael’s own unbridled enthusiasm for leadership excellence and his ability to inspire leaders to embrace the essence of change. I thank Michael for his wisdom and continual encouragement to always have compassion and commitment for what I do. I thank Michael for compiling this roadmap for leadership success. "
    ~ Suzanne Browning, Former Senior executive with Boeing / McDonnell Douglas
  • "Michael Winston has seen the destruction caused by dishonest and selfish leaders. His own courage and honesty are legendary. He has written a great book about what it really takes to build a great company and a great career. It’s about serving others while demanding more of yourself. I am a better leader for having read it."
    ~ Gifford Pinchot, President Bainbridge Graduate Institute
  • "World-Class Performance outlines the strong correlation between Olympians and the business world, including the skills and traits needed to succeed. Even more compelling, Michael Winston astutely enlightens us that the most crucial distinctions of an Olympian are often the very same things that are overlooked in business."
    ~ Michael Morelli, Former executive Eastman Kodak Company
  • "I worked with Michael Winston many times during his years at Motorola. He is a champion at developing leaders and a winning culture. In World-Class Performance, you will find the parallels among the examples of Gold medal– winning athletes and great business success stories."
    ~ Peter Vidmar, Chairman of the Board of USA Gymnastics and Olympic champion

World-Class Performance

About Michael G. Winston

With over thirty years of experience as a business leader, change agent, and organization strategist, Michael G. Winston has been in the “eye of the storm” of businesses going through massive transformation.

He served in executive positions for five Fortune 100 companies across three industries (high technology, aerospace, and financial services), working on organizational strategy and performance, succession planning, leadership development, and leading change.

Michael was hailed by Leadership Excellence as one of the “100 Most Influential Thinkers on Leadership in the World” for eight consecutive years. Michael’s work has been recognized by his inclusion in several “Top Business Thought-Leaders” lists and over twenty “Who’s Who” Editions. He has won numerous corporate awards for exemplary performance.


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World-Class Performance

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With the Olympics as a backdrop, Winston draws on his decades of experience in corporate America to lay out a blueprint for the future of business and personal excellence.

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